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I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Some Assembly Required (RSS feed) hosted by Jon Nelson (Minneapolis, Minn.), when I first heard my new favorite digital artist. Her name is Buttress O’Kneel (or B’O’K) and she is rad.

It was her song, Breaking Windows (#14 in SAR #188), made from the default sounds of Microsoft’s world-dominating operating system. Listening to it called forth a number of responses which evolved into varied and conflicting emotions. Initially I thought, “Oh, hey, that’s how Windows sounds when you turn it on.” ….I liked where it was going. Next, I noticed how deeply ingrained and instant my recognition was of these Windows sounds (“Oh, that’s deleting a file,” “Oh, that’s an error”). (more…)


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Who’s funding the Kurdish militia that’s attacking Turkey? Remember when Saddam Hussein was found in a hole way back before he was publicly hanged using a garish KKK-styled noose? Well, a story ran over Reuters — when he was discovered — about a Kurdish tribe that had captured him and put him there. The U.S. didn’t find him, we negotiated for him. (more…)

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This week, I was ambitious and commuted to work twice using the Twin Cities metro area’s lovely mass transit system. The good news is that I’ve settled on a route. The bad news is that the route will take an hour, and is about as good as it gets from the options I’ve explored so far. I will continue to search for the holy grail of this project — the 30 minute mass transit commute (the same trip by car takes 20). (more…)

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited President Bush’s ATM (formerly known as U.S. Congress) on Sept. 26, and asked for a speedy approval of his requested withdrawal of $190 Billion from the national treasury to be spent on our nation’s occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. In this post, we’ll explore “What else can $190 Billion buy (or be)?”

Here’s a quick short list:

  • 2,486,586 Barrels of Brent Crude Oil, the highly prized variety of crude found in Iraq. Based on September average (through Sept. 26) of $76.41 per barrel, as reported by oilnergy.com.
  • 39.25 MegaWatts worth of photo-voltaic solar panel modules. Based on the September 2007 average of 1,522 prices per Watt for PV modules available on the market according to SolarBuzz.com’s “125 Watts and Higher Module Index” (view site). Excludes all other components required to install the modules. (more…)

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