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Now less than nine months before the 2008 election, I propose a bold new strategy for the complete removal of Republicans from power — whenever you find yourself in a conversation about any news regarding a Republican candidate, verbally respond by saying “Who cares? They’re going to lose.”

Here’s a practical example of how the strategy works:

Bob (a Republican): Wow, I can’t believe that Mitt Romney dropped out already. What if Huckabee (or McCain) gets the Republican nomination?

Kate (an Anti-Republican): Who cares? The Republicans f@cked everything up. They’re going to lose. (more…)

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What would happen if  citizens give up on protecting their rights? Here’s a glimpse of an answer political philosopher Robert A. Dahl wrote in his On Democracy (2000, Yale University Press) reflecting on the moment Thomas Jefferson ended the Alien and Sedition Act in the late 1800s in support of the Right to Free Speech:

If and when many citizens fail to understand that democracy requires certain fundamental rights, or fail to support the political, administrative, and judicial institutions that protect those rights, then their democracy is in danger.

In this good year 2008, let’s boot out of office everyone who  has shown they lean more heavily toward authoritarianism than toward  protecting our rights.  Bye Republicans — you’re time to destroy our democracy will soon end.

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