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In a previous post, I put forward a theory that the U.S. stopped — or simply forgot — to continue evolving the vision for its future and the vacuum left by this negligence is slowly being filled with theocratic thinking and values (I really would love some comments on that post). Since writing that post, I’ve been thinking about a concept that is steadily growing in its popularity and looks like a contender for the United States’ (and/or the world’s) vision for the future — Carbon Neutrality.

The growth in the number of agents (corporations, colleges, cities, states, organizations, spokespeople, etc.) promoting this concept gives me some hope that our humanity may avoid the tragic consequences of inaction in the face of drastic climate change. It also, however, leaves me suspicious about how these various agents — particularly the profit-driven ones — will use Carbon Neutrality to “green wash” their other actions that harm the environment. (more…)


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I watched the first of the two-part Frontline series, Bush’s War, last night. I greatly appreciate everyone who produced this series because it puts the last six years in context, digging below the surface of a number of headlines many of us remember about the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Here’s what stands out to me from the documentary: (more…)

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John C. Dugan, Comptroller of Currency, U.S.A.Economic meltdown in the United States of America will likely be caused by the reckless behavior of irresponsible lenders who gouge consumers. Many of these lenders are national banks, and as such, can be controlled by a little-known agency of our federal government — the Office of the Comptroller of Currency. What can stop the depression? The same thing that stops a car — the brakes. Call the Comptroller of Currency, John C. Dugan, today. Tell him to crack down on America’s credit card industry immediately in the name of us, the consumers, so our national banking system will indeed be “safe and secure.” His office number is 202-874-4900.

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Now less than nine months before the 2008 election, I propose a bold new strategy for the complete removal of Republicans from power — whenever you find yourself in a conversation about any news regarding a Republican candidate, verbally respond by saying “Who cares? They’re going to lose.”

Here’s a practical example of how the strategy works:

Bob (a Republican): Wow, I can’t believe that Mitt Romney dropped out already. What if Huckabee (or McCain) gets the Republican nomination?

Kate (an Anti-Republican): Who cares? The Republicans f@cked everything up. They’re going to lose. (more…)

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I sent this letter to the editor via e-mail to the Washington Post in response to an AP story that ran nationwide in March 2007 about the day an extremely prejudiced constitutional amendment passed by South Carolina voters in 2006 officially went into effect.

Dear Editor,

I am outraged by the intolerance toward gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans (GLBT) Americans expressed by the voters in seven states last November. As these constitutional amendments “officially” take effect –like South Carolina’s did on March 22 — all Americans will feel the constraint on the freedom to choose with whom we enter lifelong relationships. (more…)

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