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In a previous post, I put forward a theory that the U.S. stopped — or simply forgot — to continue evolving the vision for its future and the vacuum left by this negligence is slowly being filled with theocratic thinking and values (I really would love some comments on that post). Since writing that post, I’ve been thinking about a concept that is steadily growing in its popularity and looks like a contender for the United States’ (and/or the world’s) vision for the future — Carbon Neutrality.

The growth in the number of agents (corporations, colleges, cities, states, organizations, spokespeople, etc.) promoting this concept gives me some hope that our humanity may avoid the tragic consequences of inaction in the face of drastic climate change. It also, however, leaves me suspicious about how these various agents — particularly the profit-driven ones — will use Carbon Neutrality to “green wash” their other actions that harm the environment. (more…)

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