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The following is an open letter written in response to the speeches given by the Republican minority party leaders in Congress, Rep. John Boehner  and Sen. Mitch McConnell, on Friday, Feb. 27, at CPAC 2009 held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.  Both speeches were broadcast on CSPAN and the video archive can be seen here.

Dear U.S. Representative and Republican Minority Leader John Boehner
& Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

I write to inform you that you are fighting a lost cause. In your “rousing” speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference today, Feb. 27, you showed you still hold the flame for that zealous right-wing idealism. Good for you, but I’ve got news for you: The Republican party will never reclaim power in this country. At least not if the 35-and-under set has anything to do with it.

Republicans ran this country for eight years and during that time (more…)

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This is my prediction for Tuesday’s election — the Republican Party will lose control of the White House and lose more seats in Congress. Why? Because they abused their power at the expense of the common good and Americans are furious about the outcomes:

1) Failure to protect the United States from the terroristic acts of Sept. 11, 2001.

2) Failure to capture and bring to justice the primary suspect behind those terroristic acts, Osama Bin Laden.

3) Passage of the U.S. Patriot Act I and U.S. Patriot Act II, stripping several of our civil rights including the right to privacy and right to a fair trial.

4) Invading two sovereign nations, Afghanistan and Iraq, allegedly in response to 9-11, at the costs of hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, and much good will from our allies. (more…)

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Now less than nine months before the 2008 election, I propose a bold new strategy for the complete removal of Republicans from power — whenever you find yourself in a conversation about any news regarding a Republican candidate, verbally respond by saying “Who cares? They’re going to lose.”

Here’s a practical example of how the strategy works:

Bob (a Republican): Wow, I can’t believe that Mitt Romney dropped out already. What if Huckabee (or McCain) gets the Republican nomination?

Kate (an Anti-Republican): Who cares? The Republicans f@cked everything up. They’re going to lose. (more…)

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